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A huge thank you to everyone who helped put the Tennessee Williams’ Weekend together!  Before we debut Tennessee Williams’ three selected one-act plays in Knoxville on November 11-13, TSC has been commissioned by The Perfoming Arts Alliance of Rural Tennessee (PAART) to bring our performances to The Palace Theater in Crossville, TN. After offering two of Tennessee Williams’ one-acts plays, “Lord Byron’s Love Letter” and “Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen” for a matinee performance, we added a third, “The Lady of Lockspur Lotion” to the evening performance, where all three were presented.

Following the matinee, the actors and audience participated in a Question-and-Answer session. Tennessee Stage Company is passionate about opening a forum for discussion and sharing its motivation behind each selected play character choice. The company members and audience held a vibrant discussion on Tennessee Williams’ life, and the Centennial anniversary he would have celebrated were he alive today. Tom Parkhill, the company’s Artistic Director, shared with the audience members all the ancestry and roots that Williams shared with Knoxville. They were interested to learn that Williams’ late sister, who suffered in her later years from mental illness, not only was hospitalized in Knoxville’s Lakeshore Mental Health Institution, but also held her Debutante Ball at sixteen years of age in Knoxville, TN. It is said that at the ball, there was a mysterious event, which triggered her mental instability. The Palace Theatre management team was happy to host the Tennessee Stage Company and celebrate the life of Tennessee Williams.

A cast of four actors and three crew made the trip to Crossville’s Palace Theatre. Between acts, several Tennessee Williams’ poems and short writings were read:

The Lady of Lockspur Lotion

Directed by Steve Trigg

Mrs. Hardwicke-Moore….Jennifer Alldredge

Mrs. Wire…….Margy Ragsdale

The Writer….Vania Smrkovski

Lord Byron’s Love Letter

Directed by Dan Brown

The Spinster……Margy Ragsdale

The Old Woman….. Jennifer Alldredge

The Matron…..Casey Fox

The Husband…..Vania Smrkovski

Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen

Directed by Sean Dietz

Man…..Vania Smrkovski

Woman…..Casey Fox


Life Story, poem

An Interview with Mike Wallace (from the book Conversations with TW)

Facts About Me

Never Talk To An Actress

(both from TW’s Essay Collection, “Where I Live”)

Thanks to all who attended, and we are looking forward to our Tennessee Williams’ Weekend in Knoxville next week!