Programs for Kids

Fun with Shakespeare

A library with children of various ages sitting on the floor listening to a woman with brown hair and fair skin talk.
Dr. Jennifer Horn, of King's College and currently a professor of English at Pellissppi State University, talks to children about Shakespeare, Theatre, and Story Telling at Mcghee-Tyson Library in Knoxville, TN.

The Tennessee Stage Company offers a free, interactive, and exciting children’s program in collaboration with the Knox County Public Libraries. Each May and June, we visit almost every library branch in Knox County to present a 50-minute interactive workshop on one of the plays from the current Shakespeare On The Square season. Performers from Shakespeare on the Square provide an exciting and fun environment for elementary-school-age children to experience Shakespeare through immersive interactions with the actors. Games, writing, and acting all play a part in allowing the children to be introduced to and experience Shakespeare on multiple levels.

After-School Program with At-Risk Youth

We have established a year-round collaboration with the Knox County Public Defender’s Office and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Knoxville.
Our work with at-risk youth provides opportunities to develop decision-making and communication skills, and to building self-esteem through the development of basic theatre skills.
This program has two goals:
Initially, to provide opportunities for self-directed expression by developing self-sufficiency, thus improving communication/life skills and enhancing social interaction skills, and
Second, to improve decision-making, a cognitive skill is difficult for many at-risk adolescents. Research has shown creative dramatics is an effective way to model appropriate behavior and focus on positive decision-making for many at-risk adolescents.
Our after-school program for at-risk youth received remarkable recognition when then-First Lady Laura Bush visited one of our classes at the Public Defender’s Office to see our approach to using theatre activities for non-discipline based education.

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