World Premieres

The Tennessee Stage New Play Festival is designed to encourage and promote the development of New American Plays. Beginning in 2024, our focus has narrowed to new works written by playwrights in Knox County, Tennessee and its contiguous counties (plus Hamblen).
Please see our extensive list of previous World Premieres below.

2024 Night of Shorts: Change and Other Things featuring:

  • The Festival by Harrison Young
  • The Greeks Have an Intervention by Sarah Wahrmund
  • Vengeance is Mine Sayeth Dolores by Kelly Robinson
  • Revenge? by Kevin Cannon
  • A Rose Garden Never Promised by Brenda Southerland
  • The LGA by Randy Thompson
  • Mindy’s Birthday by Crystal Braeuner
  • H.E.N.R.I. by Christina Sayer
  • These Intimate Continents by J.P. Schuffman

2020/2023 Amazing Graces by Lea McMahan (Remounted in 2023)

2020 Raft by Carlin Thomas

2019 The Senator’s Wife by C. Robert Jones ( Regional Premiere Only)

2018 Acts of Love by Paul Lepper

2017 Found Objects by Marilynn Barner Anselmi

2017 The Nearly Final Almost Posthumous Play Of the Not Quite Dead Sutton McAllister by Kris Bauske

2016 The Cast List by Gayle Greene

2016 House Rules by Staci Swedeen

2015 I Am The Way by Scott Strahan

2014 Tic Toc by Gayle Greene

2013 Online Fighting by Harrison Young

2012 The Good Son by Craig Smith

2011 Best Kept Secrets by Peggy Aultman

2010 Church of Diminishing Marginal Returns by Jay Huling

2009 Hoppy’s Trunk by Mike Farley

2008 Dangerous Heterosexuals by Paul Leeper

2007 Texaco Star by Margo Haas

2006 Distant Music by Jim McLindon

2005 Safe House by Paul Leeper

2004 A Kinder, Gentler Vampire by Mike Farley

2003 The Girl in the Boat by Ben Varkentine

2002 Essential Existential, including Blindly, by Suzan Erlasan, 50/50 by Whitney Haring-Smith, and Standing Up V & E by Ed Simpson

2001 A Little Bit of Culture by Staci Swedeen

2000 Hit and Miss by Barry Bradford

1999 The Little Theater’s Production of Hamlet by Jean Battlo

1998 Living Will by Roberta Neiderjohn

1994 Dry Thunder by Bob King

1992 When Pigs Fly by John Hollomon

1991 Shakespeare’s Women: Strategic Moves by Charlotte Headrick & Terry Weber

1989 Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory adapted by Ron McIntyre-Fender & Martin McGeachy

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